"The School has as its logo a burning torch which imparts the message of ‘ Dispel ignorance’ and ‘Spread the light of knowledge’.

Beyond Academics

The computer lab caters to the need of today’s generation and keeps them abreast with the latest technology in a well-equipped high-end client-server setup, capable of handling client requests of 100 odd computers simultaneously. There are two labs, one for Juniors and the other one for Seniors . Both the labs can accommodate the complete strength of the class . The lab is equipped with LCD Monitors, Laser printers and speakers for making learning Innovative and Interactive.

The computer lab also boasts of a centralized software, through which a teacher can share her screen content with every computer in lab and can give the child a personalized demo experience . Also the lab is frequented by the students and teachers for the research work and preparation of upcoming events.

The school has a focus on placing learning at the centre of its educational process and this has driven all agendas.