"The School has as its logo a burning torch which imparts the message of ‘ Dispel ignorance’ and ‘Spread the light of knowledge’.

Beyond Academics


At the start of every term the corridors are bubbling with the enthusiasm of students competing against each other to outshine each other in panel preparation. The result is a beautiful corridor ambience, adorned with best of student’s creativity. Eye catching panels with subject relevant matter motivates students not only to understand the subject at their pace but also to introspect. Every quarter, houses /clubs are allotted four strategic panels to showcase various themes. Panels at different strategic positions are allotted to various subject departments, to give an insight into their subjects. Panels are awarded grades by the art department to keep up the competitive spirit.

Panels in front of practical labs gives relevant information related to the processes being carried out in the lab e.g., Panels around computer lab corridor show topics like the latest versions of softwares, Do’s and don’t’s of cyber security etc..

The school has a focus on placing learning at the centre of its educational process and this has driven all agendas.