"The School has as its logo a burning torch which imparts the message of ‘ Dispel ignorance’ and ‘Spread the light of knowledge’.

Beyond Academics


Early childhood education is about honing and moulding the mind of a child, which will eventually form the base of his journey ahead in life. That is why more emphasis should be laid on the kindergarten school. This is the first phase of man making.
The building blocks of a child's development are formed very early. The secret to helping a child to build up a strong foundation is to provide him with an environment filled with love and care and happiness the first six years of life.

We at Lancer’s create an environment that is sufficiently lively and entertaining. Since children learn almost anything fast and effectively if they see it, hear it, feel it, and practice it,the curriculum is based on games and activities which serve their developmental purpose well. The experience and thoughts that we give to our children through the rich stimulating environment proves beneficial in the early years. The concepts are taught through games, visits, conversations, experiential activities and loving environment .


The mind is in all its three layers of existence namely the conscious, sub conscious and super conscious level.While educating children ,we nurture and develop all levels of their living, not neglecting a single one and helping them to expand to great heights. The conscious mind is the centre for learning process where the awareness and understanding takes place. At this stage and the child explores the world through the sense organs. He indulges in the activities like running ,jumping ,shouting ,pulling ,moulding and drawing.Thus, the child assimilates all the abstract intellectual concepts through concrete experience of their sense and motor organs in this living world .


    We strongly believe that happiness is incomplete without a strong set of values. The four principles of teaching values that we follow in our school are
  • Emphasizing rewards rather than criticism
  • Highlighting the importance of each value
  • Being a role model for our children
  • Repeating the values for several times and emphasizing on their importance

The school has a focus on placing learning at the centre of its educational process and this has driven all agendas.