"The School has as its logo a burning torch which imparts the message of ‘ Dispel ignorance’ and ‘Spread the light of knowledge’.

Beyond Academics



A musician absorbs the divine eternal rhythm in the universe and tries to transmit it either through his instruments or through the blessed musical chords in his throat. The students at Lancer’s are taught both vocal and instrumental music in the Indian stream as well as the western stream. They are well versed in chanting Vedas, bhajans and prayers on one hand and on the other hand they are experts in singing classical ragas and hindi songs be it folk, patriotic or motivational. Their expertise in playing percussion instruments be it Indian tabla, dholak, mridangam and dhol or the western congo, bongo, octopad or drum set has won many-a-hearts in the musical concerts held in the school. The school has separate music rooms for Nursery, Primary and Senior students. Training is provided in vocal and instrumental music. The music rooms are aesthetically designed and well equipped.

Dance is an ideal means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. At Lancer's students are encouraged to enjoy and understand varied dance forms. The Department of Music and Dance is committed to give students excellent exposure and make them well conversant with various Indian and Western Dance forms.School organizes various Interhouse Dance events throughout the Year.Students have been regularly bringing laurels in several Inter School Dance Competitions.

The school has a focus on placing learning at the centre of its educational process and this has driven all agendas.