"The School has as its logo a burning torch which imparts the message of ‘ Dispel ignorance’ and ‘Spread the light of knowledge’.

Beyond Academics


Lancer’s promotes free and natural growth out of school precincts to ensure genuine development where teachers are not taskmasters but helpers and guides. Knowledge can be acquired through various sources and none can question the validity of trips/excursions in the said matter. Local educational excursions are fun filled way of learning and making students independent. The knowledge in students can be habituated to rise to the surface. The children gradually steer from the stage of gathering information, to the stage of assimilation and finally take them to the ultimate stage of utilization of information. The learners are taught to utilize and apply the knowledge in new situations.

These excursions aim at closely glancing the rich heritage of India- a rare combination of beauty, technology and architecture. Students are enriched with informative sessions about these heritage sites which help them to learn history in a fun filled manner. This innovative way of teaching proves out to be an excellent experience for the students.

Outstation trips teach the students to value and use their freedom judiciously. These trips help them to become firm and courageous. Students not only enjoy close association with nature but also learn History and Geography in an interesting way.

The school has a focus on placing learning at the centre of its educational process and this has driven all agendas.